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Silver Mountain Water by Creed: A fresh and invigorating scent for men and women

Silver Mountain Water , launched in 1995 by renowned fragrance house Creed, is an aromatic unisex fragrance that captures the exhilarating freshness of the alpine mountains. Created by talented perfumers Olivier Creed and Pierre Bourdon, this fragrance has become a timeless classic, loved by men and women for its clean, invigorating and versatile scent.

The top notes open the experience with an explosion of refreshing citrus . Bergamot and mandarin combine perfectly, creating a stimulating and energizing atmosphere. It's a perfect start to any occasion, from a spring morning to a hot summer day.

As the fragrance develops, The heart notes reveal a complex and delicate herbal and floral aroma . Green tea provides a green and refreshing touch, black currants offer a subtle and tangy sweetness, petitgrain adds an aromatic citrus touch and galbanum provides a resinous green touch. It is a heart that reflects the freshness and vitality of nature, evoking images of snow-capped mountains and pure mountain air.

Finally, The base notes complete the experience with a soft and comforting woody and musky touch . Sandalwood provides creamy warmth, musk creates a soft and sensual base and petitgrain adds a touch of depth and earthiness . It is a rich and long-lasting finish that leaves a subtle but unforgettable trail.

Silver Mountain Water is a perfect fragrance for anyone looking for a fresh, clean and invigorating scent. It is ideal to use during the day, since its light aroma will not overwhelm you. However, it's also sophisticated enough to wear at night, when you want to feel fresh and confident.

Here are some additional details about Creed's Silver Mountain Water:

  • Olfactory group: Aromatic
  • Release year: 1995
  • Perfumers: Olivier Creed and Pierre Bourdon
  • Top notes: Bergamot and mandarin
  • Heart notes: Green tea, black currants, petitgrain and galbanum
  • Base notes: Sandalwood, musk and petitgrain
  • Longevity: Moderate
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Occasions: Daily, Casual

If you are looking for a fresh, clean and invigorating aromatic fragrance that will make you feel confident and energized, Creed's Silver Mountain Water is a great choice.

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