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Hugo Boss



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Discover Power and Elegance with Boss Bottled Elixir by Hugo Boss


Boss Bottled Elixir by Hugo Boss is the definitive fragrance for the man looking to combine power and sophistication. Launched in 2023, this Eau de Parfum from the Spicy Amber olfactory family is designed to stand out with a rich and evocative composition.

Description of the Olfactory Notes

Output Notes

Boss Bottled Elixir opens with an intriguing combination of incense and cardamom. These top notes create a warm, spicy introduction that instantly captures attention and sets a tone of mystery and sophistication.

Heart Notes

At the heart of this fragrance, patchouli and vetiver provide earthy and robust depth. These middle notes perfectly balance the spicy opening with a rich and complex aromatic base.

Background Notes

Labdanum and cedar in the base notes ensure a long-lasting and magnetic trail. This woody and resinous finish provides a refined and persistent masculinity, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Inspiration and History

Boss Bottled Elixir is inspired by modern alchemy and the ability to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. Created by acclaimed perfumers Annick Menardo and Suzy Le Helley, this fragrance seeks to encapsulate the essence of the contemporary man with a sophisticated blend of spicy and amber notes that evoke power and elegance.

Benefits and Features

Boss Bottled Elixir not only stands out for its unique olfactory composition, but also for its exceptional longevity and sillage. Each application guarantees an aromatic experience that lasts, enveloping the user in a cloud of sophistication throughout the day. The 100 ml bottle, designed with elegance and robustness, reflects the quality and prestige of Hugo Boss, becoming an essential element in any man's collection.

Discover the alchemy of power and elegance with Boss Bottled Elixir by Hugo Boss. Transform every moment and leave an indelible mark with this exceptional fragrance. Purchase Boss Bottled Elixir today and redefine your presence with each application.

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