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Hugo Boss



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Discover the Essence of Intensity with Hugo Intense by Hugo Boss


Hugo Intense by Hugo Boss is a fragrance that redefines modern sophistication with unmatched intensity. Launched in 2023, this Eau de Parfum from the Ámbar Fougère olfactory family is designed for the bold and refined man who is not afraid to stand out.

Description of the Olfactory Notes

Output Notes

First impressions of Hugo Intense reveal a vibrant combination of red apple, cinnamon, lime and blood grapefruit. This refreshing and spicy blend establishes a dynamic opening that captivates the senses.

Heart Notes

At the heart of the fragrance, geranium and red thyme provide sophisticated aromatic depth, creating a perfect balance between floral and herbaceous. These middle notes intensify the intriguing character of the perfume.

Background Notes

Finally, the base notes of leather, cedar and patchouli leave a long-lasting and magnetic trail. This robust and earthy finish provides a refined and lasting masculinity, characteristic of the Hugo Boss brand.

Inspiration and History

Inspired by vibrant urban life and contemporary sophistication, Hugo Intense embodies the essence of the modern man. From the bustling city streets to elegant nights, this fragrance is designed to accompany men in every facet of their life, reflecting their bold and determined spirit.

Benefits and Features

Hugo Intense not only stands out for its olfactory composition, but also for its exceptional longevity and sillage. Each application guarantees an aromatic experience that lasts, leaving an unforgettable impression. The 100 ml bottle, with its elegant and robust design, reflects the quality and prestige of Hugo Boss.

Discover the intensity and sophistication of Hugo Intense by Hugo Boss. Dare to stand out and leave an indelible mark with this exceptional fragrance. Purchase Hugo Intense today and transform your presence on every occasion.

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